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The Wilderness and Wellness Podcast

Ron Waline

This podcast explores outdoor skills and the healing power of the natural world through the eyes of individuals who interact with it, including bushcrafters, naturalists, wildlife trackers, hunters and fishermen, homesteaders, bird enthusiasts, herbalists, indigenous people, academic researchers and more. This podcast is for anyone who has an appreciation for the outdoors, the skills necessary to live and travel in it comfortably and safely, and the ways that the natural world can benefit people who are looking to reconnect with nature, community, and themselves.
Tyson Yunkaporta: Sand Talk – How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the WorldNovember 15, 2021 Episode artwork W&W Short #3 - Alie Nation Lyrics: Indigenous Mindset vs. Western Societal MindsetJune 21, 2021 Episode artwork Tracking Series 08 – Brian McConnell: Hunting and Trailing Wildlife and CyberTracker Trailing EvaluationsApril 12, 2021 Episode artwork W&W Short #2 - The Story of the Coyote Howl From My IntroMarch 30, 2021 Episode artwork W&W Short #1: Introduction-The Sacred Order of NatureMarch 15, 2021 Episode artwork Dr. Doug Tallamy: Nature’s Best Hope – A Grassroots Revolution to Create a Homegrown National Park, One Lawn at a TimeMarch 01, 2021 Episode artwork Tracking Series 07 – Tracking and Wildlife Conservation: US-Mexico Border Wildlife Study with Sky Island AllianceFebruary 03, 2021 Episode artwork Tracking Series 06 – Filip Tkaczyk: Bird Language and AnimismDecember 06, 2020 Episode artwork Tracking Series 05 – Kyt Lyn Walken: Mantracking November 18, 2020 Episode artwork Tracking Series 04 - George Leoniak: Inner Tracking, the Art of Tracking the SelfSeptember 29, 2020 Episode artwork Michelle Wohlberg: Raised in the Bush, Survive in the Bush, Alone Show Season 6August 30, 2020 Episode artwork Tracking Series 03 – Kersey Lawrence: Joys of Wildlife Tracking – Overview of the CyberTracker System of Evaluation and EducationAugust 11, 2020 Episode artwork Tracking Series 02 – Tracking and Human WellnessJuly 26, 2020 Episode artwork Kimberly Beck: Ecotherapy and Rewilding – Healing the Harms of Divorcement from NatureJuly 13, 2020 Episode artwork Tracking Series 01 – Introduction to Tracking, Basic Concepts and How to Get StartedJune 29, 2020 Episode artwork Nikki van Schyndel: Becoming Wild, a Journey of Survival on a BC Island and on the Alone Show Season 6June 15, 2020 Episode artwork Mike Masek: Herbal Medicine and Community HerbalismJune 01, 2020 Episode artwork *Article Review* - Nature Needs a New Pronoun: To Stop the Age of Extinction, Let’s Start by Ditching “It”, by: Robin Wall KimmererMay 25, 2020 Episode artwork A Flock of Birders: The Joy of Everyday Birding with the Pawson-Ryan FamilyMay 18, 2020 Episode artwork Elena Harder: Overcoming Mental Illness, Bulletproof Mom, and the Healing Threads of NatureMay 04, 2020 Episode artwork Dan Kriesberg: Nature Connection for the Rest of Us (Ideas for Typical Modern Families)April 20, 2020 Episode artwork John Slattery: Healing and Hope from our Plant Allies in the midst of COVID-19April 09, 2020 Episode artwork Woniya Thibeault: Nature Connection as a Survival Skill, Alone Season 6April 06, 2020 Episode artwork Joseph Marshall III: Lakota Perspectives On Life, Nature, and the Bow and ArrowMarch 23, 2020 Episode artwork 10 Minute Guided Sensory Meditation by Josh LaneMarch 09, 2020 Episode artwork