The Wilderness and Wellness Podcast

Tracking Series 04 - George Leoniak: Inner Tracking, the Art of Tracking the Self

September 29, 2020 Ron Waline/George Leoniak
The Wilderness and Wellness Podcast
Tracking Series 04 - George Leoniak: Inner Tracking, the Art of Tracking the Self
Show Notes

In this fourth episode of my tracking series I sit down with tracking practitioner, educator and CyberTracker evaluator, George Leoniak, to explore the concept and practice of “inner tracking”. Through his 20+ years of tracking, and mentoring with some of the world’s most skilled trackers, George has gained an in-depth understanding of tracking both the outer, and inner landscape. George guides us through the shady and sunny parts of our inner landscape, and along the trails of our souls, unfolding the concepts of how a tracker follows oneself using the same principles they may use to follow a trail, allowing the maker of the trail to reveal him or herself instead of forcing a preconceived idea or projection. George discusses the practice of inner tracking in relation to other traditions of self-inquiry, pointing to inner tracking as a method that utilizes the land and the natural world as a conduit through which to explore the self. We reflect on how tracking, deep nature connection, and inner tracking can facilitate a powerful healing journey as one identifies baggage and begins unloading it to move on through the world in a lighter way. George also explains the process of openness, spaciousness, and that where we put our attention and love, our energy flows out and is reciprocated by the world and the people around us. All this and much more.

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